Product certifications and quality system

In order to drive continuous improvement of performance in terms of product quality, environmental impacts, processes, sustainability, occupational health and safety and social responsibility, the Company periodically checks and reviews policy and the specific objectives set, so that they are aligned on an ongoing basis with the needs of the company, the market and the social context. This commitment covers 100% of the products offered by our Company.

For some Zucchi-branded products, the company has assessed and reported on their environmental and social impact and declared relevant information on issues relating to environmental, social, economic and nutritional sustainability.

Company certifications

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Voluntary certifications

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Sustainability Certification

The sustainability vision of Oleificio Zucchi is crowned by Sustainability Certification for the Extra Virgin Olive Oil supply chain, guaranteed by CSQA and based on four important pillars:

  • environmental – integrated agricultural production, Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), Product Environmental Footprint (PEF), biodiversity;
  • social – respect for workers and the community, fight against exploitation by gangmasters, training;
  • economic – fair price, wealth creation and distribution, profitability, efficiency across the supply chain;
  • nutritional – specific product category, nutritional and health parameters.

A pre-requisite of the specification is compliance with ISO 22005:08, which ensures traceability from field to fork.

The specification was promoted by Oleificio Zucchi and defined in detail on a joint basis by all the players in the supply chain and associations of oil producers (AIPO, CNO, Confoliva, Unapol, Unaprol, Unasco and CSQA).

Seed oil line Sustainability Certification

The Zucchi line of 100% Italian seed oils complies with the specification for the Sustainability of oil grains and seeds, guaranteed by CSQA.
The specification is the result of a joint process involving the various stakeholders to define the cultivation and transformation techniques that make best use of proven practices to ensure sustainable products according to the three basic sustainability pillars:

  • environmental – calculation of CO2 emissions across the supply chain using a Life Cycle Assessment-based approach to reduce pollution;
  • economic – fair price, wealth creation and distribution, supply chain organization efficiency;
  • social – respect for workers and the community, promotion of equal opportunities and youth employment, training. Zucchi’s 100% Italian seed oils that comply with this specification also have certain specific product category, nutritional and health parameters that exceed the legal requirements.

To achieve these milestones, the company has implemented an operations and controls management system in compliance with ISO 22005:08, which ensures traceability from field to fork.

The aim of the system is to demonstrate the Italian origin of the oils, which are produced from non-genetically modified seeds grown and processed in Italy according to best practices in order to ensure product sustainability.

In addition, during 2019, Oleificio Zucchi obtained ISCC Plus Certification (International Sustainability & Carbon Certification) for seed oil products originating in the EU.

Quality marks and environmental and social information on products