Food Industry

Bulk Division

Quality, service and flexibility are central to marketing bulk oil, one of the main ingredients in the recipes used by top names in the Italian and international agro-food industry (products preserved in oil, sauces, margarine, bakery products, savoury snacks and others).

Quality is the result of in-depth knowledge about the selection and purchase of the raw material, careful supplier selection, and strict analytical and organoleptic controls on the incoming and outgoing product.

Service tailored according to the needs of each customer in terms of delivery, consulting, and the type and quality of transport underpins the relationship of trust and transparency built up over time; the constant focus on international price trends, the progress of harvests and the emergence of contingent factors that influence market trends enables Oleificio Zucchi to seize any market opportunities, carefully and competently choosing the right moments to make purchases and so ensure competitive prices for customers.

The level of professionalism achieved over more than 200 years and the advanced technology used in refining, analysis, R&D, storage and shipment processes provide customers with a highly flexible offering (compliance with regulations, bespoke specifications, etc.).

Types of bulk oil

Oleificio Zucchi S.p.A. supplies oils for use in the FOOD industry, both for direct human consumption and as an ingredient in food products, and oil for NON FOOD use in the chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries.

Origin and Traceability

Oleificio Zucchi can supply various types of 100% Italian oils, with traceability systems to field level and/or sustainable, certified according to Italian and international specifications; this provides  customers with an ever-broader range not only in terms of the types of oils, but above all of their characteristics.


The seed oil leaving the refining plant is sent to stainless steel tanks after the necessary checks. Extra virgin olive oil is stored in a special warehouse where the temperature is maintained at a constant 16°C to block  oxidation. Before shipment  to the end customer, the oil undergoes further controls/analysis prior to loading.

Method of supply

Depending on the customer’s needs, delivery can be made (minimum order quantities apply) as follows, including in the form of Isotanks and Flexitanks for transport by road and sea: