Ho.Re.Ca channel

Consumer division

Oleificio Zucchi has been working for years with restaurant and catering professionals as a reliable and respected partner in the choice and supply of the products best suited to their specific needs.

The strengths of Oleificio Zucchi in the world of Ho.Re.Ca are based on three fundamental pillars:

Product excellence

Drawing on experience gained over more than 210 years in the world of oil, in both olive and seed oil segments, Oleificio Zucchi can always offer a very high quality product.

Zucchi’s blendmasters select the finest extra virgin olive oils from different cultivars to obtain unique, balanced combinations. This all-Italian know-how is capable of creating blends with a unique character, designed to work in synergy with chefs’ creativity in a perfect marriage of flavours and aromas.

In the seed oil segment, Oleificio Zucchi controls the short supply chain and directly handles the refining process for most of the oils it sells. In addition, the R&D team works constantly to improve the performance of oils used in various culinary preparations or to enhance the individual characteristics needed by kitchen staff.

The company also aspires to excellence in packaging solutions, using innovative materials with reduced environmental impact.

Breadth of range

The breadth of the Oleificio Zucchi offering designed for the Ho.Re.Ca industry demonstrates how central this channel and the bond of reciprocal collaboration consolidated over the years are for the company.

The range of extra virgin olive oils for the Ho.Re.Ca channel is made up of Italian, organic and EU blends, rounded out by olive oils and olive pomace oils. For table service, 250 ml, 500 ml, 750 ml and 1 liter formats and single-dose sachets are available, the latter ideal to ensure safety, hygiene and practicality. Large formats are also available for kitchens, including 3 and 5-litre cans and 3 and 5-litre PET bottles.

Turning to seed oils, the offering includes sunflower seed, peanut, corn, soybean, mixed seed, high oleic sunflower and frying oil in 5l, 10l, 20l and 25l formats.

Completing the offering is a line of dressings featuring a broad range of flavoured extra virgin oils, including Chilli Pepper, Truffle and Lemon, and a line of vinegars consisting of Modena PGI balsamic vinegar and white wine, red wine and cider vinegar, also available in single-dose sachets.

Consulting and training

As well as guarantees of excellent quality and a comprehensive product range, Oleificio Zucchi also offers customers its extensive expertise in oil. Oleificio Zucchi provides customers with a staff of consultants, blendmasters and technicians to organize training days, either face-to-face or remotely, that offer the chance of an unprecedented experience in the world of oil, not only from an organoleptic but also a functional, nutritional and cultural standpoint.

The commitment to training and disseminating the culture of oil that has always characterized Oleificio Zucchi is further strengthened thanks to the partnership with the Italian Federation of Chefs: in fact, the associated chefs are offered the opportunity to explore the theme of “oil” at 360° , as a real ally in the kitchen during days of professional training, led by cooking masters and trainers of excellence, as well as the characteristics of the wide range of products of Oleificio Zucchi, all designed to work in synergy with their creativity, giving life to a perfect combination of tastes and aromas, always in the name of quality.