Over 210 years of history

From a small artisan business to a major oil-producing group.

A reminder and incentive for future generations to believe in their own abilities and build prosperity for themselves and the community. A story of enterprise, a set of discontinuities, the enduring value of entrepreneurship.

Vito Zucchi (1941 - 2023)

  • 1810

    Oleificio Zucchi was founded in the area near Lodi, in northern Italy, as a family-owned and run business producing seed oils.

  • 1922

    Vitale Zucchi opened the first industrial site near Cremona and in just 16 years it grew into a major factory. The introduction of the refining process in the same period made it possible for Zucchi oil to be sold on the mass food market.

  • 1946

    Gianni Zucchi established today's company, Oleificio Zucchi S.p.A., and relaunched production after the difficult war period, converting the sole proprietorship into a joint-stock company with share capital subscribed entirely by himself.

  • 1955

    Keeping pace with an ever changing market, Gianni Zucchi picked up the challenge thrown down by Standa, one of Italy’s leading retail groups, which proposed bottling the oil in glass and creating a special retail brand for it, Zeta. In the 1970s, the introduction of an innovative continuous cycle refining system made it possible to supply new channels, from the food processing industry to artisan producers.

  • 1990

    Today’s production facility was officially opened on the Cremona navigation canal. The packaging department was expanded and the company focused on seed oil for private labels and the food industry, increasing production capacity. In 1999, olive oil production was reintroduced.